Your thermal issue is our issue.

Ultra High Thermal Conductivity

Heat Pipe >7X high
Vapor Chamber >50X high

compared with Copper
Fujikura's Heat Pipes / Vapor Chambers

Providing over 250 million pcs
Micro-heatpipes and Vapor chambers to our global customers!

in the global trend of Electrification and Autonomous Driving toward 2025 and beyond

The problem of increased heat generation of EVs

Electrification requires
High power motor & battery

Autonomous Driving requires
High performance processor

Our products resolve the thermal problem for such devices

Heat Pipe
New wick structure is developed to achieve higher performance

 Qmax reaches 2X(55~60 → >100W)
 Heatpipe resistance reduces by 40%(0.05 → 0.03℃/W)

*℃/W:Thermal resistance

Vapor Chamber
Flat plate type heat pipe that can distributes large heat input power over their entire surface.

 High performance against >1500W heat load
 One vapor chamber can remove heats from CPU, GPU or FET


Comparison of Heat Transfer Properties

Vapor chambers obtain a much higher effective thermal conductivity than graphite sheets.

  • 0
  • 5000
  • 10000
  • 15000
  • 20000
  • 25000
Peak effective thermal conductvity (W/m.K)
    UTVC (Ultra Thin Vapor Chamber):
  • 21200*
  • HP:
  • 3000*
  • Graphite:
  • 1200
  • Copper:
  • 400
*Reference data
check out our video

Thermo-graphic comparison video
(5x normal speed)

  • Heat input: 5 W
  • Sample 1 t=0.3mm Copper plate
  • Sample 2 t=0.2mm Copper plate + t=0.05mm Graphite sheet
  • Sample 3 t=0.2mm Copper plate + t=0.5mm Heat pipe
  • Sample 4 t=0.3mm Vapor chamber

Applicable areas of thermal products in EVs


Products by "watt vs cm2"

Products by watt vs cm2

Solutions for IGBT cooling

The number of IGBT is increasing since high power applications such as industrial equipment and EV require higher performances.
Fujikura offers the best choice of thermal solutions such as heat sinks with heat pipes and vapor chambers to meet the requirement for a variety of IGBT applications.

Applications & Solutions for IGBT

Our thermal products history and next

We propose the best thermal solutions to customers based on our know-how through various experiences for 40 years.

Providing over 250 million pcs Micro-heatpipes and Vapor chambers to our global customers!

Overview of our thermal solutions

Heat Pipe


Working Principle


  • - Excellent heat transfer properties
  • - Quick temperature response
  • - High temperature uniformity


  • - Large degree of design flexibility
  • - Maintenance-free, zero running costs
  • - Lightweight and compact
  • - Environment-friendly

Vapor Chamber



  • - Much better heat transfer properties, quicker temperature response, and higher temperature uniformity compared to Heat Pipe
  • - Distributing heat over their entire surface


  • - Much higher heat dissipation performance in combination with Heat Sink
  • - Maintenance-free, zero running costs
  • - Environment-friendly

Variety of Product Examples

Team member
Heat Pipe module for Gaming PC
Team member
Heat Pipe module for server
Team member
Heat Pipe module for Note PC
Team member
Heat Pipe module for measuring instrument
Team member
Various Heat Pipe
Team member
Vapor Chamber module for server

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